It’s a We Are Family Christmas!

It’s beginning to look a lot like.. Family!

It’s Christmas time and we are up close and (Social Distance) personal in the FAMILYROOM!


We Are Family’s Kathy Sledge of the iconic group Sister Sledge and co-host, daughter Kristen Gabrielle bring their Wonderful Variety Talk Show to LIFE! Their infectious chemistry sizzles on stage, sparking the humor of Joan & Melissa, the dazzle of Goldie & Kate, and the glamour of Diana & Tracee.


You won’t want to miss this exclusive interactive debut filled with Love, Laughter, Music and GoodTimes! You’re sure to find it all here in the FAMILYROOM.


“Kathy Sledge and Kristen Gabrielle always bring viewers a show that has the warmth and depth of Oprah, the fun and spontaneity of Ellen.. I believe they are on to something big”

Christian John Wikane- PopMatters

This event features a Live and Virtual Watch option.

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FamilyRoom: a new series produced by Kathy Sledge and her daughter Kristen Gabrielle

FamilyRoom: a new series produced by Kathy Sledge and her daughter Kristen Gabrielle.

“Club Quarantine” had become the place where people dance and meet up,” says Kathy. “Family Room became the place where people join conversations of love and encouragement” Twice a week, Wednesday (8:00 pm EST) and Saturday (12:30 pm EST), viewers from around the world visit Kathy and Kristen at home on IG Live for conversation and personal connection. Since launching in spring 2020, “Family Room” has become a place of solace and celebration, powered by the unique, “ride or die” bond between a mother and daughter that defines what family is all about.

Now that the world has embraced FamilyRoom so graciously, they are taking it to a whole new level. Stay tuned.

Family Room | Wednesdays 8pm + Saturdays 12:30pm EST |


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